Happy Tails

Poor Murphy was being watched by his mom’s ex-husband when all hell broke loose. Apparently the young dog did something the ex didn’t like, so he pulled out a handgun and shot Murphy through the snout. The bullet traveled through his soft palette, tongue, and jaw bone before coming to rest in Murphy’s esophagus.

The ex, who shall remain nameless because he doesn’t deserve recognition, bragged about his deed to neighbors, who called the police and Murphy’s mom, Jane. Jane was out of town visiting grandchildren when she got the awful news. Her sister pulled Murphy from the house as the police were placing his abuser under arrest. She rushed the pup to a local veterinarian who did what he could to stabilize the dog, then transferred Murphy to the veterinary hospital at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Once at CSU, Murphy underwent extensive care to repair the damage.

Harley’s Hope Foundation was one of several charities that pulled together to ensure Murphy got the treatment he needed. As of our last conversation with Jane, Murphy was doing very well – well enough to be getting into trouble. Her ex will be in jail for many years to come and Murphy’s new guardian angels in the community are keeping an extra watchful eye on both Jane and her pup.

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