April 2018 Director’s Notes

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.  Most would define cruelty as hitting, kicking, starving an animal or leaving them tied up outside, but when does neglect cross the line into cruelty?

Harley’s Hope Foundation deals with people facing challenges that affect them and their companion or service animals.  Often financial restrictions are given as a reason for not providing routine veterinary care to their pets.  When they come to us, their pet may be suffering from severe dental disease, out-of-control diabetes, or other chronic conditions that we consider preventable and don’t cover.  Yet, so many of us may operate under the delusion that if an animal isn’t showing obvious signs of distress or illness, they’re healthy.  Right?  Wrong!  Please read this month’s featured article Commitment for Life and see what you think!

April 1st is also Easter, a time for chocolate candies and Easter lilies.  Check out our Easter Dangers! link to keep your pet cat safe from this innocent looking flower.  And, be sure to check out the Monthly Feature section on the home page of our website for tips on Springtime Safety Tips for your pets.

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