September Director’s Notes

Autumn is here – my favorite time of the year. Crisp air, fall foliage, sweaters, and working in the kitchen without needing air conditioning. But, did you know that fall has specific dangers to your pets? Most pet parents are familiar with summer hazards – hot cars, overheating, hot pavement burns on paws, or winter hazards – frostbite, holiday decorations and plants that can be dangerous. Here are the main hazards to watch for this autumn:

Decreased Daylight – reduced light makes it challenging for drivers to see animals or people who may be out walking before or after work. Be sure one of you is wearing something with reflective tape.

Autumn Leaves – if you use leaf blowers, the loud noise may drive your pets off your property. And, gas powered blowers can leak fuel or oil that can be toxic if ingested by your pet. In addition, leaf piles that sit on your lawn can accumulate moisture, causing bacteria and mold that can make your pets sick if ingested.

Plants and Mushrooms – Certain fall-specific flowers like the Chrysanthemum can be toxic if ingested – this includes the flower, stems and leaves. Symptoms include stumbling, skin inflammation, increased salivation, vomiting and diarrhea. Mushrooms that appear in your yard can be toxic, so err on the side of caution and keep your pets away or remove mushrooms as soon as you see them.

Rodenticides – If you use poison to kill rodents, please know that they can also kill your pet. Many contain an ingredient that interrupts the body’s ability to clot blood, causing internal bleeding.

We don’t share this information to ruin the season, but rather to inform so you can take precautions and enjoy fall with your favorite pets!

– Cynthia Bullock

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