January Donors

Thank you to the following supporters who gave during the last month:
*denotes major donor

Mary Albert – IHO Officescapes Design Department

Charlee Archuleta – IHO Lisa Archuleta and Beth Epley

Joy Armstrong

Ruth Adele

Natalie Baille

Jennifer Baker

Toby and Stephen Bell

Donna Bellows

Sallie Bennett

Kathleen Berger

Black Forest Community Center*

Donna Blackburn – IHO Pat Coscia

Evelyn Blakeley

Kyle Blanchard

Karen Boatz

Janet Bohley

Peggy and CJ Bohn

JW Bolin and Eileen Reilly

Kimberley and Ed Brandon – IHO all the companion animals HHF has helped

Dena Bream

Susan Broz

David and Cynthia Bullock* – IMO all the pets we’ve loved and lost

Karla Bumann

Max Bynum

Monica Campos, DVM

Domenick Caparelli

Kelly Carroll

Penelope Cash

Nola Chambers – IMO Henry

Way-Ting Chen – IHO Addison Dulaney

Angela Chesson

Sandra and Wayne Clemonds

Kimberly Cois

Colorado Springs Area Veterinary Society*

Julia Cook

Mark Copley – IMO Charlie the Dog

Brooke and Scott Cote

Suzanne Cox

Ann Craig

Kathy Crandall

Karen Dayberry

Stephanie Delgesso

Rachel Dillon and Kevin Margarucci

Gail and Kevin Doyle

Holly Doyle

Jan and John Earley

Jan Erickson and Jon Thomas

Donnie and Steve Espinoza

Tommie Evans

Kimberly Faulkner

Wendy Fay and Jeff Livesay

Anne and Tom Fellows

Sara Ferguson

Flextec Corporation*

Bruce Floyd

Nancy Fortuin

Dani and Evan Francis

Susan Frazee

Kathy and David Furrow

Susan and Allen Gaer – IMO Freckles, Max, Rusty, Ginger, Enduro, and Hotcakes

Karen Gale and Clark Lorimor

Sheila Gaston

Connie Gibbons

Jana Gravilla

Kristy Hansen

Brandi Harris-Molin

Kimberly Harrison*

Bradley and Nicole Hartmann

Cynthia Reinhold Haterius*

Jeri and Dustan Hellwig

Victoria Henry

Ron Hessdoerfer*

Janet Hildebrandt

Lori James

Johanna Jensen

Angela and Scott Johnson

Janet Johnson

Rhonda Johnson

Eve and Tim Jones – IMO my Sweet Sadie and BFF Shanna

Rita Anne Jones

Karen and Erin Jordan

Jaxon and Jennifer Kelly


Kim Kitchen

Lisa Klages

Ruth Knox

Marcia Kyral and James McGee

Carolyn Lang

Judith Lee

Linda Lemmer

Dr. Shannon Lemons, Teller Park Veterinary Service*

Toby Lorenc

Linda Loughrey

Kris Lubeley

Wendy MacColl – IMO all my rescue dogs past and present

Melissa Maczko

Michelle Marx

Cheri Matia

Jean McConnell

Cathy McKaige

Holly Merry

Nolene Metzger

Rick Miner and Joyce Stillwaugh

Gail Kudo Montgomery*

Jonnie Moon

Gary and Cherrie Moseley*

Deborah Muehleisen

Suzanne and Thomas Music

Debbie and Bruce Neill*

Ann Nichols

Beth and Tim Norton

Susan and Vernon Nygren

William Oster

Kimberly Paton

PA and Patricia Pehler

Sarah Pellizzarri

Brad Pier – IMO JC Pier

Susan Presti

Loraine Richie

Giannina Rikoski

Leslie Robertson

Tim Royston

Katrina Schaeffer

Anne and Brad Schmidt – IMO John Eck

Matthew Schniper

Donna M. Sinn

Janice Smith

Susan Spencer – IHO Melissa Rock

Julie Sprinkle and Jeff Cooper

Joe and Mimi Spruiell

Jeaneen and Robert Stadjuhar

Janet Tanner

Deanna Tetreau

Cara Thomas*

Robert Tramaloni

William and Hiroko Tyndall

Stephanie A. Vanderpool

Judy Ver Helst

Jeanna Wearing*

Susan White

Sheila Wiener

Cori and Wesley Wilkerson

Elaine Wind

And, a big thank you to all of our donors who wish to remain anonymous!


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