January Happy Tails

Our first case of 2018 falls outside the realm of what we usually cover.  Maverick was only 8 weeks old and in his new home just three days when he fell seriously ill with Parvo. Rob, Maverick’s new dad, is employed and qualified for Care Credit, but even then didn’t have enough to cover the estimate for Maverick’s hospitalization and treatment at a specialty ER.

Yes, any licensed veterinarian can treat Parvo and for much less than what Rob was quoted, but as a brand new pet parent, and with no veterinarian lined up for his new family member, Rob rushed to the closest ER for help.  After more than 10 days of hospitalization, Maverick was released to go home.  Rob covered over 80% of the bill, never even considering giving up on his new pup despite the huge financial bill he was facing, but he needed additional help to bring Maverick home.

Why did HHF choose to help someone who is employed and had a Care Credit Card?  Three reasons:  Rob understood his responsibility to this precious soul and fought to save Maverick’s life.  Rob got Maverick from an unscrupulous breeder who refused to respond to Rob’s calls for help when Maverick fell ill.  And, to make that point that not everyone who applies to HHF fits a particular image or socio-economic level.

My late mother was fond of saying, “There but for the grace of God go I.”  Now, you don’t need to be religious to understand that phrase.  I interpret it to mean, no matter how together you think your life is, it can all change in a moment and you may find yourself in need of a helping hand.  Rob needed that helping hand and we were very glad we could offer it to him and little Maverick, who is still recovering, but doing well.

We’d also like to use this case as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of adding a pet to their family.  Know who you doing business with – ask for references, ask for veterinary records and their policy on medical bills post-adoption and get it all in writing!  Line up a day clinic before you bring your pet home as baby animals are susceptible to health issues just like human babies.  Here are links to two articles that provide a wealth of information to those of you looking to adopt – https://apdt.com/wp-conte…/…/2017/01/new-dog-checklist-1.pdf and https://www.paws.org/…/take…/explore-the-issues/puppy-mills/

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